The future of telecommunication operators services

Communications fees have been falling steadily and annually. In a highly competitive market sellers and marketers are forced to make both unprecedented and sometimes insane move in pursuit of subscriber.

Andrei Rodnischev | Published: 4 September, 2018

IPv6 — technology of the future or the present one

One cannot really imagine a modern person having no access to the Internet. Message exchange, watching video files, listening to music and much more is impossible without using network protocols the main one is the well-known Internet Protocol also abbreviated as IP or TCP/IP. Let’s consider the problems and prospects of its sixth version – IPv6.

Andrei Leushkin | Published: 13 August, 2018

Interview with Maksim Khizhinskiy – C++ developer of DPI system

Interview with Maksim Khizhinskiy – C++ developer of DPI system
Today, we are going to introduce to you Maksim Khizhinskiy, leading C++ software engineer of VAS Experts company. Maksim is a member of the team developing deep traffic analysis platform VAS EXPERTS DPI, in particular, he is in charge for creating of such functions as CG-NAT and BRAS.

Vladimir Khazov | Published: 12 October, 2017

CG-NAT on standard x86-platform

CG-NAT on standard x86-platform
Carriers use CG-NAT as they need it as much as billing. Due to shortage of IPv4 addresses and slow changing to IPv6, translation of local addresses to the “white” ones is the only way to connect new subscribers to the Internet. Choice of CG-NAT platform with necessary capacity and functions is one of the task of highest priority. CG-NAT can be implemented on standard x-86 platform, the main thing is to choose software suite meeting requirements and performance.

Vladimir Khazov | Published: 18 April, 2017

Why Internet provider needs analytics and statistics

Why Internet provider needs analytics and statistics
Current systems of traffic deep analysis, such as VAS EXPERTS DPI by VAS Experts, allow to perform real-time advanced analytics and retrieve statistic reports by numerous categories: by apps, protocols, tariff plans, regions, types of subscribers’ devices etc. The aim of this information is to increase bandwidth efficiency and quality of services provided to the subscribers. Let’s consider the role of these data on a practical level.

Vladimir Khazov | Published: 11 April, 2017