New licenses for BRAS. Free QoE option. VAS Cloud

Artem Tereschenko | Published: 22 July, 2019

Let us delve into the DPI-platform and the QoE statistics module options and consider new licenses and pricing approaches.

The key feature of the DPI solution is independence from the server platform.

Thus, the choice of the solution consists from two components.

  1. to estimate the in+out traffic amount and the future growth.
    • This is necessary for determining the performance of the platform from 6 Gb / sec to 100 Gb / sec. Examples and requirements for the platforms are listed in the documentation. We recommend to keep in mind the possibility of growth of traffic in the future. For example, choosing 40 Gbit / sec with traffic at 20 Gbit / sec.
    • DPI Platform license also depends on bandwidth.
      Machine-in-the-middle modeDPI-6 is 3 Gbit / sec of incoming and 3 Gbit / sec of outgoing traffic
      DPI-100 is 50 Gbit / sec of incoming и 50 Gbit / sec of outgoing traffic
      Mirroring mode
      DPI-6 is 6Gbit / sec of incoming total traffic
      DPI-100 is 100Gbit / sec of incoming total traffic
  2. to choose the DPI option depending on the task:
Option Entry FLTR BRAS Base Complete
Bypass Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Filtering by the blacklisted Internet sites Yes Yes Optional Yes Yes
Gathering statistics and its subsequent analysis on protocols and trends Yes Yes Yes Yes
Traffic prioritization depending on a protocol Optional Yes Yes
Optimization of the external access channels usage Optional Yes Yes
Subscriber notification and marketing campaigns Yes Yes Yes
Whitelist and Captive Portal support Yes Yes
Channel allocation between subscribers for IPv4 and IPV6 Yes Yes
BRAS L2 (PPPoE, Q-in-Q, VLAN), BRAS L3 (IPoE), support for the RADIUS with Change of Authorization (CoA) feature enabled Yes Yes
BRAS L2 (PPPoE, DHCP), Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6 Optional Yes
CGNAT – Network Address Translation and NetFlow unload Optional Yes
mini-Firewall for blocking on certain ports Optional Yes
Ads blocking and replacing Optional Yes
Protection against DOS and DDOS attacks Optional Yes

Licenses advantages

Licensing, independant from the equipment, allows the operator to protect their investments and plan a budget expansion of the solution in the future. Actions that can be carried out with a license through technical support: upgrade, merge, split, transfer.

For the convenience of obtaining a license and working with it, a license server in the VAS Cloud is implemented, which gives the operator the following features:

  • Writing a backup license;
  • Getting a test version and prolongate it;
  • Downloading the virtual version of DPI platform;
  • Adding VAS (additional services).

BRAS license

BRAS implementing

BRAS L2/L3 implementation and billing integration via PCRF server

The new version of BRAS has its special aspects:

  1. Includes basic options for BRAS L3 IPoE realization
    • Bypass mode support;
    • Collection and analysis of statistics on protocols and directions;
    • Notification of subscribers and marketing campaigns;
    • Whitelist and Captive Portal;
    • Distribution of access channel between subscribers for IPv4 and IPv6;
    • BRAS L3 (IPoE), Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6, Radius with CoA function support
  2. Supports expanding the functionality by adding additional options:
    • Filtering by the blacklisted Internet sites;
    • BRAS L2 (PPPoE, DHCP), Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6;
    • CG-NAT — Network Address Translation and NetFlow unload;
    • mini-Firewall for blocking on certain ports;
    • Ads blocking and replacing;
    • Protection against DOS and DDOS attacks;
    • Traffic prioritization depending on a protocol;
    • Optimization of the external access channels usage

The price is lower than the Base and Complete versions, which gives an optimal start for any budget and size of the operator’s network.

QoE module in Lite option – for free

Let us turn to the QoE module, which works with statistics unloaded on NetFlow from DPI Platform. It consists of three main elements:

  1. Collector – accepts NetFlow with support of re-exporting to an external collector.
  2. QoE Store – a ClickHouse database where logs are converted from raw to aggregated and then accumulated for a specified period of time.
  3. GUI – the interface that is responsible for visualizing and reporting, creating triggers and events using custom filters. It supports the creation of authorization roles and configuration of DPI, QoE Store database.
QoE Marketing

Machine-in-the-middle mode of DPI implementing and statistics unloading


The core defined metrics are:

  • Round-trip-time (RTT);
  • Indicators of the number of retries;
  • The number of sessions, devices, agents;
  • IP addresses per subscriber;
  • Traffic distribution by application and transport protocols;
  • Traffic distribution by directions and AS;
  • Clickstream for each subscriber.


Product licensing depends on bandwidth of DPI platform.

  • DPI-6 QoE option is needed for DPI-6 version.
  • DPI-100 QoE option is needed for DPI-100 version.

QoE module available in two options: Lite и Standard.

QoE packaging Lite Standard
NetFlow statistics collector with re-export support Yes Yes
API support for integration with external systems Yes Yes
Full NetFlow and ClickStream statistics visualization Yes Yes
Built-in reports of Full NetFlow-based TOP: high RTT, by traffic volume, by number of re-requests, by application protocols, by AS, by subscribers AS, by access switches and aggregation Yes Yes
Built-in ClickStream-based TOP reports: URLs, hosts, subscribers, devices, IP resources Yes Yes
Downloading reports in .xlsx, .csv, .pdf, .png Yes Yes
Report on categories of web resources, updating the list of categories Yes
Full NetFlow и ClickStream customized reports for users detalizations Yes
Setting up triggers and actions on events, sending reports by email Yes
DDoS and BotNet detection Yes

Users can install the Lite version for free and familiarize themselves with the basic features. There is a test period for exploring the Standard version.

Use Cases for QoE module

Sales and Marketing

Quality of Experience module helps:

  • to sale new services, Wi-Fi equipment, billing plans;
  • to find ways to increase clients’ loyalty, resist and analyse the reasons of customer churn;
  • to manage targeted advertising using subscribers profiles.

Technical and Support departments

Quality of Experience module provides:

  • Deep troubleshooting and network monitoring using Round Trip Time and TCP retransmitting;
  • Search for problems with client equipment, Wi-Fi router, access switches and aggregation;
  • Determination of optimal peering and connectivity points via Uplink.

VAS cloud – ready-to-use service for operators

One of our latest innovations is the implementation of a turnkey-ready service for DPI monetization.

Embedding banners for web resources in automatic mode

The service is built using VAS Cloud, GUI and advertising options in DPI platform.

The principle of operation: java scripts for HTTP resources and a set of banners that can be used for this site are generated in the VAS Cloud. After activating the service in the automatic mode, these data is uploaded to DPI platform and is applied only to those subscribers whose advertising service has been activated. Banner display and transition are paid for by the advertising aggregator; the operator receives their interest via VAS Cloud personal account.

These services will be available by subscription through the operator’s personal account.

VAS Cloud

VAS Cloud Interaction Chart

Web resources categories for black and white lists

The list of categories can be used to form parental control services for the operator’s end users or to filter traffic for schools in accordance with legal requirements.

In the following articles we will provide a more detailed VAS Cloud services description and consider their practical application.