Hotspot management with GUI

Artem Tereschenko | Published: 30 October, 2019

VAS Experts developers are constantly improving and refining the DPI platform and the graphical interface to make operators’ work more convenient. In the new version 2.6.6. DPIUI2 has a new section for ISPs that provide access to public Wi-Fi: Services Control – HotSpot.

wi-fi authorization

GUI overview

The graphical user interface contains the following tabs:

  1. Web server configuration
  2. Wi-Fi authorization configuration
  3. Click wrap
  4. DHCP configuration
  5. Policings configuration
  6. Subscribers services customization
  7. Captive portal customization
  8. Logs and switching between settings and documentation.

GUI HotSpot
Let’s have a look at the management options HotSpot provides the operator and how to use them.

1. Web server configuration

This GUI section is designed to add and connect the necessary equipment, to configure the White List profile and the duration of the session, after which the subscriber will have to re-authorize again.

Here you can also configure the URL for redirecting the subscriber after successful authorization. For example you can set up a redirect to the news, special offers or the main page of your company website. By default, the user is redirected to

2. Wi-Fi authorization configuration

First of all, you can enable or disable authorization by subscribers’ phone number. With this option enabled, authorization occurs by the code that the subscriber receives to his phone number. You can choose whether the user receives the code via SMS or by automatic incoming call.

The “Debug mode” means using e-mail for testing and configuration instead of SMS or Caller ID.

3. Click wrap

The license agreement accepted by the subscriber when using the software, or simply clickwrap, is a way of legal regulation of relations between the provider and the user.

With the Click wrap option the operator does not need to specifically notify users of any changes in the conditions of the public offer. It is enough to ask them to accept new conditions when connecting to Wi-Fi.

This simple setting of VAS Experts GUI gives the ISP:

  • legal security;
  • option of notification of changes in the public offer;
  • a method of promptly “signing” an offer by a user.

4. DHCP configuration

Setting the trigger depending on whether HotSpot is used for Wi-Fi authentication or only as a portal for clickwrap.

5. Policings configuration

Set up different tariff plans for paid and free users, and a special tariff for the authorization process.

6. Subscribers services customization

After the user is authorized you can connect the services of notification, ad blocking, blacklisting, etc.

7. Captive portal customization

It is possible to add your own logo and favicon to the Captive portal page and select the desired interface language.

Implementation scheme

VAS Experts DPI provides the ability to authorize public Wi-Fi users by phone number. This functionality helps to:

  1. implement Captive Portal and integration with SMS gateway
  2. restrict access by protocols and directions using the DPI technology
  3. log all the users actions
  4. filter the resources and websites by black and white lists
  5. satisfy the requirements of the legislation.

Additionally, the operator can implement the functions:

  • protection against DoS / DDoS attacks using TCP SYN Flood and Fragmented UDP Flood
  • Clickstream and Full NetFlow collection for Quality of Experience module
  • Insert advertising banners to monetize traffic.


When a subscriber connects to Wi-Fi, the router sends a request to the DCHP server to obtain a new IP address. The server returns the address data to the router and runs the shell-script, which activates the tariff with limited access and the “White List”. It makes sense to include in the white list such resources as Wi-Fi provider’s website.

After that the user is redirected to the start page of the browser, where he has to authorize by phone number. The web server receives a successful authorization response from the SMS gateway, removes the restrictions using the shell-script and redirects to the desired page.

wifi authorization scenario

Contact us for more information about VAS Experts DPI capabilities and functions for telecom operators networks, as well as the organization of public Wi-Fi access points.