Module of Browsing Statistics and Reports

The Statistics and Report Viewing Module allows analysing received data with breaking them down by applications, protocols, tariff plans, regions, subscriber device types, and other categories. This allows enhancing bandwidth efficiency and quality of services provided to the subscribers.

  • Support to information collection from the DPI server cluster.
  • Support to online information display mode.
  • Charting and reporting by destinations, protocols.


Examples of use

‣ Subscriber base profiling

Identification of interests and preferences of the users based on data on the resources they access, using analytical information transmitted according to IPFIX open standard protocol. Collected data enable marketing campaigns and improve efficiency of communication with the subscriber.

‣ Capability to charge subscriber traffic

Using summary information for billing purposes by classes for each subscriber allows individually charge sip, skype, torrent and other types of traffic.

‣ Capability to search for subscribers with many sessions

Identification of unauthorized utilization of an internet channel by the subscriber to resell Internet access services.


Uploading analytical information according to Netflow protocol Uploading analytical information according to Netflow protocol

Netflow protocol allows uploading the following information both individually and simultaneously:

  • Bandwidth allocation among application protocols.
  • Bandwidth allocation among autonomous systems (AS).
  • Summary information into billing according to classes for each subscriber.
  • Uploading total subscriber netflow.

Using standard collection tools Using standard collection tools

Statistics by transferred traffic volumes regarding protocols and destinations (autonomous systems) is exported from the VAS Experts DPI platform in standard Netflow5 format, so any Netflow-collector and Netflow analyser will operate.

Using NFSEN for reporting Using NFSEN for reporting

Free NFSEN analyser with preset add-ons and a friendly web interface is used for developing reports according to protocols and destinations.

Segmenting subscriber base Segmenting subscriber base

Module for Browsing Statistics and Reports allows segmenting the subscriber database by categories, taking into account subscriber needs, which enables improving service quality by applying flexible rules to individual segments.