The tasks that a telecom operator faced

  • Filtering according to the lists of Roscomnadzor and the Ministry of Justice (compliance with the Federal Law)

VAS Experts DPI activation

  1. Installation “in break” with use of Silicom cards
  2. PAC VAS Experts DPI-40 is applied


Peculiarities of VAS Experts DPI installation

PAC VAS Experts DPI is installed “in gap” between the border router and switch. Silicom 10Gb cards with bypass option are used.

VAS Experts DPI product review, matching the tasks

The product was purchased through our partner NAG. Difficulties at introducing were minor, and the whole integration process was supervised by the VAS Experts company employees. PACK VAS Experts DPI perfectly performs the function of filtering the lists of Roskomnadzor and the Ministry of Justice

At the moment we are considering the possibility of using VAS Experts DPI as prefilter SORM and removing analytics from the channel.