DLP system

Optimize your services and make your business more efficient.

DLP system (Data Loss Prevention) is a software product designed to prevent confidential information leakage outside the corporate network. This system is built upon the analysis of data flows going outside of the company network.

Do you have clear understanding of the network behavior of your users and services they want to receive? Can you analyze your work to determine the quality of the services provided, address the errors and increase user loyalty?

Accurate analytics of the users behavior in your network makes it faster, more efficient, smarter and safer.

The VAS Experts DPI product fully implements all the features of DLP system and offers the tools to help you obtain complete data about your network users outgoing traffic and optimize business processes.

Corporate and telecommunication operator's networks are dynamically changing environments, so the analysis tools are extremely important in order to monitor user behavior in real time and identify problems affecting the quality of their work.

Accurate information about subscribers allows you to manage all aspects of network performance and quality of service, as well as manage the bandwidth, specify service priorities and protect the network from threats. Analyzing the behavior of subscribers allows you to better understand their needs, and therefore offer new services and make special offers that will increase loyalty and reduce subscriber attrition. Driven by the need to save bandwidth, analysis and management of subscriber traffic allows you to impose restrictions on the most active clients (downloading torrents, file sharing, etc.).

The VAS Experts analytics tools allow you to get a wide variety of user data and transform it into valuable business reports allowing you to plan and implement new marketing programs, increase your subscriber base, improve service quality and, in general,  allow to provide benefits to your business.

Using the VAS Experts DPI analytic features provide you with a complete picture of what is happening on the network. Using this information, you can configure and optimize your network to make it faster, more efficient, and smarter. It will result in more stable and faster user's work, so it will positively affect their satisfaction with the services received. The VAS Experts DPI analytics module provides a complete set of dashboards that allow you to monitor all network parameters in real time. Using the self-service portal, the system user is able to generate his own reports using different metrics and analyze both current and archived data. Analytics of changes in the network operation quality over a certain period of time allows you to make decisions about current management and future investments as well as to segment and manage user access in order to make your business more efficient and ensure conditions for its successful development.


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