VAS Experts Lawful Interception

At the moment, to ensure the implementation of operational search activities on the networks of telecom carriers, VAS Experts offers VAS Experts Lawful Interception.

To meet the requirements of:

  • Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 538 of August 27, 2005 “On the approval of the Rules for the interaction of the telecom carriers with authorized state bodies conducting operational search activities”.
  • Rules for the use of hardware systems and software solutions of information systems responsible for storing the subscriber database and the communication services provided to them, providing access to this information from the console to authorized officers of the Federal Security Service Directorate.

The system works in conjunction with the VAS EXPERTS DPI platform based on the technology of deep traffic analysis (DPI), it allows to intercept all traffic on the network, to identify protocols and applications in the data transmitted by the user, to analyse and control in real time.

Key Points of VAS Experts Lawful Interception

  • Ensures compliance with requirements of Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 538
  • Allows to collect, accumulate and process information about subscribers of telephony and / or data transmission network (subscriber profile, connected services, reference information, committed payments) and statistics of the subscriber’s actions in the data network.
  • Collection of information about sessions NAT-translation of network addresses installed on the equipment of the carrier through the interfaces netflow / syslog (the volume of traffic is doubled).
  • Implementation of AntiNAT, when using VAS EXPERTS DPI for NAT functions on the data network.
  • Constant access to the VAS Experts Lawful Interception from the control panel of the regional department of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (“Norsi-Trans”).
  • As a pickup of information VAS EXPERTS DPI is used, which can perform standard DPI functions CG-NAT, BRAS and others.
  • The modular structure allows to adapt flexibly to the needs of different carriers (cellular telephony, traditional telephony, data transmission, NAT, AAA).


DPI technology DPI Technology Use

The technology of deep traffic analysis VAS EXPERTS DPI allows to intercept traffic, performing behavioural analysis, and to recognize applications that are not valuable for carrying out VAS Experts Lawful Interception. Information is collected by criteria defined in the request. Collected data can be visualized and prepared for further analysis. Thanks to the use of DPI technology, the customer receives not only standard functions of the deep traffic analysis system, but also its additional options: protection against DDoS, CG-NAT, BRAS and others. Protection Against DOS and DDOS attacks, CG-NAT, BRAS etc.

Russian development Russian development

The software for VAS EXPERTS DPI and VAS Experts Lawful Interception is a completely Russian development that allows to consider all the features of Russian legislation, promptly make changes when there are amendments to laws and regulations, provide direct support to IP users, and the cost of the solution is not anchored to the currency rate.

Reliable Hardware Platform Reliable Hardware Platform

The VAS Experts Lawful Interception equipment does not make any changes to the carrier’s (provider’s) network, reliable high-performance x86-servers are used to filter traffic, and data storage is carried out on storage systems with support for scaling and backup. To work with the system, a dedicated control panel is used.

Universal Access to the System Universal Access to the System

Access to the equipment of the VAS Experts Lawful Interception and collected information is carried out at any time and is provided to authorized officers of the Federal Security Service Directorate, who have the necessary access rights to the control panel. Protected communication channels are used.

Specifics of Implementation

To implement the VAS Experts Lawful Interception in the network of the telecom carrier, it is necessary to purchase licenses and equipment:

  • Server for VAS EXPERTS DPI with at least Base VAS EXPERTS DPI license.
  • Server for VAS Experts Lawful Interception with VAS Experts Lawful Interception.
  • Data storage system (up to 200 Tb) and VAS Experts Lawful Interception can be united into one server.