A botnet (a network of devices infected with malware) is used for DDoS attacks, spam, viruses and illegally obtaining users’ personal data. Unwanted activity gives providers a lot of trouble:

  • hacking devices connected to the network;
  • network overload;
  • IP blocking.

Mini-Firewall as a VAS Experts DPI option solves at least two problems:

  1. preventing subscribers hacking on open ports which may be attacked;
  2. blocking harmful activity outgoing from a subscriber.

mini-Firewall scheme

DDoS and BotNet defence

The Firewall is necessary for network protecting from overloads and malware and for providing safe and stable performance. The built-in VAS Experts DPI brandmauer is able to determine:

Functionality Functionality

Complementing VAS Experts DPI, BRAS and CG-NAT by its own firewall allows to configure the traffic flow dynamically.


Results of BotNet preventing:

  • reducing the load on the network and improving the quality of services for subscribers;
  • protecting provider’s reputation for various DDoS monitoring services.

Improving QoE Improving QoE

The mini-FireWall and Quality of Experience module combined help to define:

  • the attacking user;
  • the attacked user;
  • notifying the subscriber on suspicious actions.

Easy to configure Easy to configure

Easy to configure just 4 parameters:

  • max_port - the port number, below which access is blocked;
  • port_holes - list of ports that are allowed to access bypassing the max_port limit;
  • out_port - list of ports to which outbound traffic is closed;
  • login - client account to which the settings apply.

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