QoE Module

Using DPI metrics helps to increase customer loyalty, monitor the network and increase revenue from each subscriber.

QoE ModuleQuality of Experience (QoE) is a software product responsible for statistic gathering and viewing subscribers’ perception of services.

The statistics is transferred to special metrics which allow to define user’s experience. It provides the operator with information whether the subscriber gets high quality Internet communication or not; what kind of problems does he or she encounter. The data obtained allows the operator to take action and to improve the services quality and as a result to increase customer loyalty.
The metrics are:

  • Round-trip-time (RTT);
  • Indicators of retries number;
  • The number of sessions, devices, agents;
  • IP-addresses per subscriber;
  • Traffic distribution by application and transport protocols;
  • Traffic distribution by autonomous system (AS) numbers;
  • Clickstream for each subscriber.

VAS Experts DPI QoE advantages:

  • combining with other DPI options: BRAS, CG-NAT, traffic filtering;
  • the ability to provide QoS on the operator’s network;
  • additional information from billing system;
  • high performance, installation on a standard x86 server;
  • automatic ticket creation in the service desk;
  • custom filters and triggers;
  • easy installation and user-friendly interface;
  • API for integration with other systems;
  • increase of the operator competitiveness;
  • increase of subscriber revenue.


Round-trip-time (RTT)

Delay statistics: from the subscriber, to the subscriber, the entire path and median.

  • Search for subscribers with high delays and poor connection quality;
  • Search for problems with client equipment, Wi-Fi routers, access and aggregation switches;
  • Using API for exporting the data into the monitoring system.

Full NetFlow statistic export

Statistics on transport and application protocols, traffic allocation depending on protocols and AS.

  • Prioritization DPI setup depending on channel allocation;
  • Search for optimal peering points and connections to upstream providers;
  • Tracking DDoS and virus attacks, development of techniques.

Number of retries

Retries statistics while accessing to the Internet.

  • Search for problems with client’s Wi-Fi router;
  • Selling Wi-Fi equipment with better performance and coverage.


The number of sessions and subscribers devices, requests for internet resources.

  • Collection of information about testing at www.speedtest.net and using it when connecting;
  • Identification of customers who wrote a bad review and working out their problems.
  • The ability to reduce customer churn,

Marketing campaigns

Redirecting the subscriber to a specific web page in a given period of time.

  • Automatic polling of subscribers after the engineer visits for repair;
  • Notification of network crashes and reducing the number of technical support calls;
  • Notification of new services and special offers.

QoE module is available in two options: Lite and Standard.

QoE packaging Lite Standard
NetFlow statistics collector with re-export support Yes Yes
API support for integration with external systems Yes Yes
Full NetFlow and ClickStream statistics visualization Yes Yes
Built-in reports of Full NetFlow-based TOP: high RTT, by traffic volume, by number of re-requests, by application protocols, by AS, by subscribers AS, by access switches and aggregation Yes Yes
Built-in ClickStream-based TOP reports: URLs, hosts, subscribers, devices, IP resources Yes Yes
Exporting reports using *.xlsx, .*csv, *.pdf and *.png formats Yes Yes
Reports on web resources categories, updating the list of categories Yes
Full NetFlow and ClickStream reports with detailed information per user Yes
Setting up triggers and actions on events, sending reports by email Yes
DDoS and BotNet detection Yes

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