Wi-Fi users authorization

It is necessary to control the data of users accessing the Internet through Hotspot in order to protect the network from DoS attacks and prevent unwanted anonymous activity. Wi-Fi subscribers should be identified at public access points also as required by law in many countries.

VAS Experts DPI, among other functions, has the option of identifying subscribers by phone number. This is the most common and convenient way for end users to identify themselves.

WiFi Authorization

Scheme of identification by phone number

  1. The user connects his device to a public Wi-Fi network in a cafe, transport, shopping mall, etc.
  2. A request appears on the screen to switch to the browser and identify self. If the user tries to visit any URL he is redirected to the authentication page.
  3. The user enters his phone number to request an access code.
  4. The specified number receives a code that must be entered on the identification page. The code can be received in SMS, in a call from a subscriber or to a subscriber.
  5. A session cookie is stored in the subscriber’s device for 24 hours (this is necessary for re-access to the network without identification) and the user is redirected to the requested URL.

The whole process is handled on the operator’s equipment.


VAS Experts DPI can be installed on any equipment the operator has. To implement the solution, the operator also needs:

  • Hotspot equipment (switches, routers, Wi-Fi access points);
  • DHCP server;
  • Service for sending SMS or making automatic calls.


  • The ability to log user actions for submission upon request of the police;
  • Using Radius to authenticate users and apply tariff plans (similar to the BRAS option);
  • Using QoE module for statistics gathering (traffic volume, delays, etc).

Security Security

The TCP SYN Flood and Fragmented UDP Flood TCP protection features help to prevent the failure of the entire network and protect its users.


VAS Experts DPI is used by our customers not only to provide Wi-Fi-access, but also for traffic filtering, prioritizing, analyzing and improving the quality of services (QoS and QoE).

Compatibility Compatibility

VAS Experts DPI platform is compatible with any equipment available to the operator. If equipment is not available or needs to be replaced, VAS Experts provides this service.

Flexibility Flexibility

A flexible approach to licensing and updating the platform for specific operator tasks. Operators are provided with responsive technical support.

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